Don't be shy.  As you're thinking of your story, here are some things written by Jake last year. 

Some things to ponder:
Why do people have too many pillows on their bed and moreover, why did they even bother to make decorator pillows that can't possibly be used for sleep?

If you were to become a Hollywood star, what would it be for?  (direction, acting, writing, boom mike man...)

What's your favorite kind of nut...pistachios and dry roasted salted almonds are in a dead heat for me.

Peaches or apples?

If you could play one song that the whole nation would hear simultaneously, what would it be?

Why do old people think they can get away with their bullshit?

It bothers me that people don't respect the hell out of construction workers.
Share some thoughts, brag about your great score or shots, or anything you feel commenting about.......we love it all...