Don't be shy.  As you're thinking of your story, here are some things written by Jake last year. 

Some things to ponder:
Why do people have too many pillows on their bed and moreover, why did they even bother to make decorator pillows that can't possibly be used for sleep?

If you were to become a Hollywood star, what would it be for?  (direction, acting, writing, boom mike man...)

What's your favorite kind of nut...pistachios and dry roasted salted almonds are in a dead heat for me.

Peaches or apples?

If you could play one song that the whole nation would hear simultaneously, what would it be?

Why do old people think they can get away with their bullshit?

It bothers me that people don't respect the hell out of construction workers.


08/28/2009 13:07

why do people put empty mik cartons back in the fridge?!

Jeff Hinz
10/05/2009 07:43

Jeff Hinz
10/05/2009 07:48


Please keep me on the contact list for 2010 golf tournament at Gem Lake, I would love to support and participate. My heart goes out to you and your family for your loss of Jacob.

ED Gruben
05/10/2010 15:13

Wouldn't it be fun to combine golf with Bloomsday - June 16th - the day Leopold Bloom hit every bar in Ireland - in the James Joyce novel - Ulysses? Why not golf was first played near Ireland (Scotland) and Guinness was invented in Ireland. Makes sense to me - What would Jake have said?

Dennis Knapp
12/25/2010 11:25

Great question Ed......I think Jake may of responded something like this....."Actually Ed although I appreciate the general merriment of "Ulysses" and I have often repeated the pub crawl theme myself, I enjoy James Joyce's stream of unconciousness style of writing in his novel "Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man". I think his internal struggles to resolve questions about religion and Irish conventions sets the stages for his future writings like "Ulysses". Although still struggling with his own demons in "Ulysses" he does what most of us do when we are faced with internal struggles........hit the Pubs and look for fun....." and quite frankly Ed although the idea of combining the golf tourney with Bloomsday would seem like a good idea, no one would be able to show up.....June 16th is primetime for grad parties, heading up to cabins, etc...I guess Leopold Bloom should of made his Pub crawl in August........"


ED Gruben
12/30/2010 15:09

Touche' - I guess I will have to think of another event in August or perhaps my birhday - July 4th. I bet Jake liked fireworks.

I know my daughter Jenna would want to wish us all a blessed New Year by asking us to:

Be good to the living,
Be kindly and understanding,
Be forgiving and transcendent of pettiness,
To forge new relationships and new service to humanity,
And in doing so, the beauty of her life and Jake's shall forever be among us all.



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