Share some thoughts, brag about your great score or shots, or anything you feel commenting about.......we love it all...


Kari - jakes mom
08/24/2009 08:47

Well, I have to say...."wow, what a turnout...Thank you!" We had a beautiful day...i am pretty sure it was a perfect 10. Family, friends, friends of guys are awesome. The socks and sandals were great...the hugs were great...the laughs were great...even the tears were great. Words just can not portray the gratitude we feel. We are truly blessed with friendship and love. Thank you again everyone...until next year!

Laurie Florhaug
08/24/2009 16:03

I wanted to say that I, along with my fiance Paul Debore, my 2 brothers and my son had an amazing time... we met so many wonderful people and we were all so greatful to be included in such an inspiring and truely meaningful event. My brother and I loved volunteering on the 16th hole with the marshmellows! And the others guys had a great time golfing. You are a wonderful family and a true reflection of your son. I was diagnosed with a "seziure disorder" in 1997 and being a part of this event and learning about SUDEP helped my family to better understand what it can be like for me. Please include us next year! God Bless!

Laurie Florhaug

08/25/2009 08:57

I would like to say that the socks and sandals tournament was a great idea, it was a beautiful day and what a great turnout. Me and my boyfriend patrick enjoyed helping out with the 18th hole, and loved to see people smile and have fun as we all would know that jake would appreciate it, and to see someone smile, along with jakes family i am certain it means alot to them that they saw how many people really care and will be there for them, as i know how they felt at the time jake was diagnosed with epilepsy, I personally was just getting over the same process of over 2 years trying to find out why i kept having these random symptoms and spells as they call seizures, although i did not get the chance to inform jake how seriouse this was along with jakes family,but now i can proudly say that they are my family and happy that they are trying there best to get the word out that this can be treated and prevented from haven seizures.It truley touches my love goes out for jake and his family he will always be on my mind, along with many others.

Dennis- Jake's Dad
08/26/2009 05:41

What a great day!!!!! Thank you so much everyone for joining in the spirit of Jake and the spirit of the golf tourney and putting together some of the most entertaining outfits of socks and sandals....WOW, you guys are great!!!
Kari, Holly and I had a lot of anxious emotions leading up to the day of the tourney but just being together with family and friends and seeing the laughing, joy and love everyone brought lifted our spirits like you wouldn't imagine.
Special thanks to all the volunteers who stepped up and helped out. Many were positioned at holes for hours but hung in there until the final groups were completed. Special thanks to Ericka Sleddedahl for manning the front dek and getting everyone checked in and going in the right direction. Also a shout out to my goof friend Kirk Possehl who brought all of his equipment and did a fantastic job of announcing. Kirk you kept the day on track, foursomes on time, and added humor and music to everyone's day...thank you.
Just a side note........In the few days since the golf tourney I have learned of people that were deeply touched by the art that was brought by the Epilepsy Foundation. Some of these people have experienced a seizure and they had an emotional connection to the art. They realized that many others feel these strange feelings and I think opened up some more understanding of this inflection. Another story of a gentleman who was at the tournament went to work on Monday and found out a fellow worker had a son in his early 20's that had just experienced his second seizure in the last few months and didn't know what was going on. This gentleman told the father he was just at a fund raiser and had some literature to help point him in the right direction. See......this is why we all contribute....we had a fun day and we are helping....We love you guys...

Dennis again
08/26/2009 05:46

Sorry Kirk.....after proof reading my previous note, I noticed I misspelled "good" and it says "goof". I meant "good".....but anyone who does know Kirk probably sees the irony...

a bird
08/26/2009 08:31

Sorry Sled-dogs...the correct spelling is Slettedahl.

Jim King--Jake's Great Uncle
08/26/2009 12:51

All I can say is WOW!!! What a GREAT day & the turnout was unbelievable. We (Me & My wife Sue) camped at the 18th hole waiting & hoping for a Hole-In-One so we could pay out 10K but were let down. I guess we will have to golf next year & take the $.
On a more personal note I have been dealing with epilepsy since I was 22 years old. I never realized it could be hereditary until dealing & learning that my daughter has the same condition. Seeing some of the pictures from the foundation made me see that many feelings that I have are also shared by others however each person does & will view this in their own manner. 1st-Lack of Understanding which evoles into anxiety & fear thus the reason Dr's use anxiety medication initially until a seizure is actually witnessed by another so the condition can be dianosed properly & medicated. As more people become aware of the signs & symptoms then the condition can be found much earlier & treated properly. 2nd-Conceilment of the condition due to the ramifications in our world. 3rd-Acceptance-which I am struggling with to this day.
I am hoping that expressing feelings & thoughts will help us all in reaching out to all who are in need of help & this event truly shows that this is possible.

SUE KING Jakes Great Aunt
08/27/2009 14:36

I Just wanted to Say Thanks to Kari And Dennis and Holly For Putting the sock's and sandal tournament together ( And of Course all the wonderful People that helped Them make it Happen ) You Guys Did A awesome Job and what a big one it was!!!!!!. The Day was perfect!!!! I also want to thank them for opening some Doors By Bringing in the Epilepsy Foundation, The pictures where great it helped me to understand a little more of what people with epilepsy are feeling, We need More awareness in the World about this condition , Many People including my Husband and Daughter Need A safe place to Fall when they need to talk about there feelings about it, especially when they don't understand what they are feeling, My husband has had it for 30 years and has always been scared to share with the world because of how it is looked at by society and the fear that the ramification would be against him, My daughter Just went threw a 2 year Battle to figure out she has epilepsy, we went to doctors for 2 years to figure out all her symptom's And to let the medical field know she was feeling this way they where of no help!!! all they did was made her feel like she was insane And they also put her on anxiety medication not realizing she was going threw something bigger, I COULD GO ON AND ON BUT I THINK I WOULD HAVE TO WRITE A BOOK ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE WE WENT THREW To find out she had epilepsy and still today the doctors are treating her like she is insane and in need of a physco evaluation They never had a clue as to what she was going threw, I my self have so many un-answered Question's about epilepsy So I say Lets Bring it on!!!! And we can all learn More together and help the world with a better understanding and help for those that need it, What a awesome Ideal, You Guys are truly in our hearts And we think your pretty awesome!!! I think it is time for another dinner soon,

Kelly, Jake's Aunt
08/28/2009 06:51

I thought the art was incredible. I wonder if next year we could consider asking the foundation if the artists would create more art for our auction so we could bid and take it home?

Anyway, I had an amazing time driving around, being the "concierge cart."

Sue, Jim and Tracy: Thanks for sharing your stories. Epilepsy seems to bring on a lot of fear and anxiety, which we're hoping to change.

Thank you for an incredible day. Kari and Dennis, thank you for all your hard work!

You rock.

Seize Hope!


08/28/2009 09:37

We were blown away by the amazing turn out at the S-S Golf Tournament. We are also incredibly grateful that Kari and Dennis asked the Epilepsy Foundation to be a part of such a heart warming day. Thank you for posting your stories about the artwork and about epilepsy-a condition that is too often mis understood. As a result it is under diagnosed. We are so impressed by the positive direction family and friends have gone to celebrate the life of Jake Knapp!
We are also glad S-S golf tournament provided a safe and comfortable venue to talk about epilepsy and seizures. Please let us know if we can continue, with you, the conversations that need to happen. Thank you!

Stephanie Kolari

Charlie & Lori (Jake's Aunt & Uncle)
09/03/2009 14:06

The day was perfect! We had a great time getting together to celebrate an awesome man and raise money for a great cause. We think Jake would have loved the party. Thanks for the invite!

Erika Slettedahl
09/16/2009 15:55

Knapp Family~

It was truly our pleasure helping our wonderful friends with a wonderful & educational cause! I think I can speak on behalf of everyone at the SS tourney that you guys did an amazing job & you are an amazing family. Kudos! Count us in for next year!

Kris & Erika Slettedahl
(notice how many time we use wonderful & amazing??...yup! that's you!)


Had a great time catching up with everybody and reflecting on how many great people there are in this world. Sometimes we get jaded with all the bad in the world,and then something like this tournament happens and you see such an outpouring of love and generosity. I will be back to announce as long as you want me there... unless I win the lottery. In which case, I will send you an obnoxious amount od money after I am done buying the Island of Aruba. Hey, a guy can dream can't he? Be safe and have one great day after another!

Dennis,Kari and Holly
10/08/2009 15:32

The 2nd annual golf tourney will be August 22nd. 2010
Save the date....whether you want to play,volunteer or just hang out, we would love yo see you!
Enjoy every moment of every day.

Dennis, Kari and Holly
09/13/2010 09:21

Thank you everyone for attending the 2nd Annual Socks and Sandals Tourney. Some great outfits this year...notable's include a Sumo wrestler and some nice tight buns (see Sheila Thibault pic in Sweet Pics tab). A little warm this year, but we all pushed through it. Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the heat. Many thanks to Kylie Vadnais who flew in from Chicago to help us celebrate Jake's day. Thanks to Key's Cafe for supplying Jake's favorite meal (hot turkey sandwich), may of been a little hot for it, but people didn't seem to mind. Good times, great friends and good cigars....and we raised $7000.00...sounds like success to me. We love you guys and thanks for the support...PS..don't be afraid of leaving a blog, we love to read them, besides most of you we know don't seem to have a problem with the gift of gab !!

Dennis, Kari and Holly
09/11/2011 08:41

What a great day again this year for the golf tourney. The love and support that was given by everyone was only matched by their generousity. We raised over $10,000 this year marking this as the most successful tourney to date. THANK YOU.
Highlights this year was a hole-in-one by Tom Strong...We were lucky enough to be there to witness the shot and to say the least Tom was extremely proud of his feat. We again were entertained by Kirk Possehl, not only acting as Master of Ceremonies, but he also raised over $225.00 alone by being bribed to either be quiet or heckle the golfers. Kirk we can't thank you enough for the help you have given us, you make the day run smooth and add a special brand of humor.
We were joined this year by Vicki Kopplin of the Epilepsy Foundation of Mn and Tom Stanton of the Dannydid Foundation. They both did a great job of furthering the education of seizures and SUDEP. Tom flew in from Chicago that morning just to play in the tourney and brought us a moving video about his nephew that passed away from SUDEP.
I want to take a moment and thank all the volunteers. They get ther early and stay late. The success of this tourney lays in your hands, without you this would not happen.
Thanks again to everyone who participated. Your hugs, smiles and laughter bring us more joy than you could imagine.
Now will someone else leave a note?? I know us Knapp's talk alot but it's beginning to look like we're the only ones who can type !!!!!

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